Solution Design & Architecture

Tailored IT solutions for specific business needs.

With extensive experience in Solution design & architecture we practice & provide ground for software development projects by tailoring IT solutions to specific business needs and defining their functional requirements and stages of implementation.

What does SD&A involve

The SD&A review delivers a detailed ‘deep dive’ technical solution including a detailed project plan covering all aspects of the project life cycle from build, testing and implementation. In conjunction with in-house employees it also delivers a well-defined holistic view of the IT project including a technical document, accurately outlined architecture and licensing issue resolutions.

The SD&A bridges the gap between what your business has, what your business needs and how your business is going to get there. It delivers insight and process at every step along the way to ensure the best possible solution is implemented at the best possible price.

More than a technical review

In addition, the SD&A pays special attention to how to release  software applications and how to transition an existing solution systemically as well as align to business processes.

Our Solution Architects can implement a review to help you future-proof your estate and maximise return-on-investment. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke solutions to meet individual business needs; a thorough Solution, Design and Architecture review can guarantee these results, and provide you with a long-term plan for success.


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